Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2nd Christmas

The family exchanged our Christmas presents today.  Since we were in Paris on December 25th, we decided to celebrate "second Christmas" today.

I always remember Mom saying that Christmas could be celebrated any day we all got together.  Every newly wed couple must address how to divide up spending time with two families during the holidays.  For out of town distance, this usually means rotating every other year.  Having both sets of Parents out of town makes the logistics even harder.

Once Jenna was of the "age of Christmas hyperdrive", we decided that Christmas Eve/Morning would always remain at our house and all travel would be done before and/or afterwards.  We were lucky for years that my extended family would always visit Cincinnati between Christmas and New Years Day. 

So there has been a long tradition of 2nd Christmas in our family.  How fun it is to laugh and play a 2nd Christmas day!

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