Sunday, January 26, 2014

Junk Drawers

Just how many junk drawers do you have?  I can count at least four (not counting any in my garage "shop") that I maintain.  Well, maintain is not the correct term - that I inventory junk.  Just exactly what type of junk goes into these drawers.  Here is a list of the stuff from an old desk/office drawer that I emptied (an have rarely accessed) over 8 years ago on my last move.  Actually as the picture shows  it is fairly well organized with small boxes sorting into categories of junk.

(1) Old keys
(2) Bundle stacks of old business cards
(3) Foreign currency coins
(4) Kid school patches
(5) Various pins
(6) Old Wallet and it's contents
(7) Strange burned out Light bulb (why in the world am I keeping this?)
(8) Old wrist watch and leather band
(9) Plastic bottles of LCP Tech samples
(10) Conference Name tags, luggage tags
(11) Sewing kits
(12) Old calculator
(13) Paper clips, Palm pilot stylists, erasers, labeling device
(14) Shop floor ear plugs
(15) Compass
(16) Tape measure

So junk drawers serve a great purpose for people like me.  Just knowing that if I need it someday, that it is somewhere in a junk drawer.  And when the drawer gets full?  -  just organize it, empty it into a box or basket, store the box somewhere (like an attic or basement) and ........start collecting junk in the recently emptied drawer all over again.

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