Monday, January 6, 2014

Double Bungle

I was totally off (or all wet) on my weather forecast. The Bengals playoff game was in the 40's with rain during the final quarter.  There was no déjà vu of the Freezer Bowl. The big chill came last night and continues to get colder tonight - with wind chills expected -30 degrees below zero.. 

The Bengals were eliminated from the playoffs after many turnovers (or should I say "bungles").  The more interesting game and almost a reenactment of the Ice Bowl was in Green Bay with 8 degree weather. San Francisco won that game so California stomped the Midwest teams.

The Superbowl this year will be in New York so instead of a blackout (like last year) the could easily be a whiteout.  I like it that way - there is just something nostalgic and traditional about football games played with all the natural elements (except for us wimps watching in the comfort of our homes).

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