Saturday, January 4, 2014

Freezer Bowl Deja Vu

I like the winter season even with the bitter cold temperatures outside.  The warm feeling of being inside with the sun shining through the windows.  This new year has started out with a bang as temperatures last night dropped to 15 degrees.  Even the afternoon sun could barely combat the frigid air slightly raising the temperature to 25 degrees.

Another Winter Advisory with more snow should arrive Sunday at 5am with expected temperatures at -2 below.  This sets up a deja vu moment as the Cincinnati Bengals host the San Diego Chargers in another Freezer Bowl (January 10, 1982).  I was watching the game in my warm house in Hyde Park on that memorable day.  It was a good day to be inside watching the game on television. Maybe the record of -37 degrees (wind chill) will be broken - but it's doubtful.

I have no problem watching the second Freezer Bowl inside in my warm home in Indian Hill - now in high definition.  It's no wonder that it required Kroger and P&G to buy the unsold tickets to prevent the blackout. 

As for today ----   I am happy to look outside at my natural snow scene portrait through the family room window sipping on a cappuccino by the fireplace listening to classical music.


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