Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blogging Fatigue

I noticed over the years many dormant blog sites - the tendency of a blogger to "run out of gas" after the newness wears off. In fact this blogging fatigue can be seen this year in my own activities with only 23 entries year to date.

There wasn't blogging per se in the 1800's - instead it was diaries.  My  great grandmother (Mary Jane Castanian) was an 1800 blogger.  On my last visit back to Kansas, I decided to read some of her diaries.  They are four 12 by 6 ledger books ( 1879 -1918) with each page showing a month (one line written per day). 

Even Mary Jane got "diary fatigue" early in the journals when in 18?? there are 3 blank months.  However with a new years resolution, she was able to overcome this critical period of potential "diary discipline dearth" and continued the routine of writing in her journal.  Dad described her pattern each evening, sitting in her rocker with an oil lamp balanced on one knee with the journal and pen on the other knee. 

What a great inspiration to follow and get over my own period of blogging fatigue.

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