Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You are History

I have two remaining weeks (of the 14 total) of study of the on-line course "The Modern World: Global History since 1760  by Philip Zelikow (University of Va).  The best part is the final three weeks are about the years I have been around (1950 - 2014).  Funny how one gets interested in history - when they are history :)

So what have I learned?  What "take aways" would I say expanded my present day awareness?

(1) Conflicts and Wars are inevitable and.........  don't be complacent and think WWIII will never happen.
(2) Empires are gone - Nation States are going
(3) History is all about situations, problems, solutions (or options) that people act upon (e.g choices)
(4) Choices are framed by our ideologies - political beliefs, values, and community thinking
(5) Economics (Land and Labor) drives the engine of choices 

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