Tuesday, April 29, 2014


What a moment in time - Jenna is now officially graduated from University of Cincinnati College of Nursing.  While I must admit attending any graduation ceremony (listening to over 2000 names being read) can be tedious, looking back on it I'm glad Jenna wanted to attend.  The "Pinning Ceremony for UC Nursing" was an added two hours but worth it.  Learning that UC's College of Nursing is the OLDEST accredited Nursing program is quite a heritage for Jenna to be a part of. 

Sunday we moved Jenna out of the Clifton poverty and she will transition from our house to her own abode once she finishes her Nursing accreditation test and starts at Christ Hospital in oncology.  The month of May will be a spring into new adventures.

Today was my own "graduation" having finished the last quiz and survey for the 14 week history course (92 lectures) I was taking on-line.  I have earned the Distinguished Student Award (85% or higher on the cumulative quiz scores).  I have enjoyed this more than the library videos "Great Courses"  (www.thegreatcourses.com). 

So in a small way, I join Jenna in graduation.  She however was "Cum Laude".  Well done Jenna!!  You surpassed my college performance.  Good to see the generations improve.  :)

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