Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spitting Image

Today the Ancestry DNA test results arrived. The "spit" test I sent in March 5th to supplement the research I have been doing on the Family Tree was a way to try to validate and find the history prior to Capt. John Wisner who fought in the revolutionary war (at least on one side - 50% - of the genes).  The best guess from family stories handed down is that there was likely German (based on the surname) and Russian (based on the Castanien branch).

Here was the best estimate from Ancestry DNA:


So much for the German theory......   looks pretty much like Great Britain with a little Irish.

I'm glad to see a pinch of Italian or Greek since I love that cuisine. 

Ultimately you could say I'm a "mutt"  or in food terms "Heinz 57" varieties.

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