Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Home Networking

Last week we started yet another home renovation project at our house.  With the remodeling of four rooms, the issue of home networking has reared its head (see Tangled Wire Mess 12/4/2011).  Cincinnati Bell Telephone is preparing our neighborhood for Fiber Optics (within the next 90 days) and that will provide some "peace" in the household by increasing our internet speeds.

However the issue is what wire (or wires) should I install in the remodeled rooms (Cat 5e, Cat 6, Coax Cable etc.)?  AND.... what configuration do I want to plan for the new wireless LAN at home?  AND ....  how much of the legacy wires should I keep  OR should I "bite the bullet" and set up a logical (and clean) home network hub?

Well, as tempted as I am to design and install a "clean" network at home (with expansion for future unknown requirements), I have decided to just proliferate the spaghetti mess of wires. 

It follows the old adage - don't mess with what works.

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