Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mixed Marriages

The Saturday Wall Street Journal had a humorous article about Mixed Marriages - Political ones :) 

WSJ - "Sorry Mom, I Married a Democrat"  6/21/14
It was timely since Susan and I were honored to attend J.P.'s wedding.  Naturally, I was questioning the family backgrounds (especially when I discovered the Columbus Accenture Partner J.W. that was related to the wedding party groom).  And after listening to The Modern Scholar audible series by Betty Dexter Dryer "The Basics of Genetics", and subscribing to Ancestry.com, I have been fascinated with family trees and lineage. 

Where do we get our religious and political points of view?   Nature or Nurture?

Wikopedia describes exogamy benefits as individuals who breed with more exotic partners and thereby avoid incestuous relationships and tend to have healthier offspring due to the benefits of Heterosis

That reminds me of the Andy Rooney short piece on the TV show "60 minutes" -   "A" people are destined to marry "Z" people.

"A" people carefully squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube  ...... Z people .......
"A" people are early risers ......  Z people .......

You get the idea.  Now go out an mix it up!  :)

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