Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BBQ Branding Irons

I discovered a great guy gift -  Branding Irons for BBQ/Steaks and a web site that will custom make this novelty gift item  -  Brand First.  This will be something I add to my wish list (future Father's Day gift). 

Back in 2011, I decided to create a fun project with Dad and create wall plaques of my Grandfather Well's cattle brand and gave them as Christmas presents to the Wells boys (Kris had the original branding irons).

Wells Cattle Brand - The Rocking W
As I mentioned in the October 8, 2011 post, my research to find Grandpa's Cattle Brand Registration was futile.  The Kansas Historical Society found no record for a brand registered to William L. Wells nor could they locate the image.  Lynn Wells suggested I contact the Oklahoma Cattleman's Association - so I may get remotivated to see if I can find if the brand was registered in Oklahoma.

So now I will request my own personal set of BBQ branding irons for grilling out back.

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