Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blazy, Blogation or BLAXES

It's been a while since the last blog.  Was it a Reverse Hawthorne Effect? (although using that term in this context is not really precise);  Or did I need a vacation? or was it just being lazy - Blogging lazy :)

It can't be "Bloggers Block", since I'm never at a loss for words or advice. 

Well I did take a slight Blogation to Kansas.  I spent time on a project with Dad creating the wall placques of Grandpa Well's cattle brand (the Rolling W); the outdoor branding project in the forest branding random trees; researching the Kansas Historical Society Brand Books searching for the official registration (a possible future blog entry)

But that's not all - I will blame the lack of blogging on TAXES - Yes once again it was tax time for the tax procrastinator.  I just finished 2010 taxes to be mailed today.  What a relief to have them finished and 2011 taxes estimated.

B.E. of FMBS (Friday Morning Bible Study) replied to my joy of being done with taxes that his 69 page return had just arrived  from his tax accountant.  We both agreed that while we both dreaded paying taxes that we should be thankful for the country we live in. We both got this from our parents.

 B.E. said his father always said that you shouldn't gripe about your taxes.  Mom always told me that she was grateful to pay the taxes for all the freedoms and priviledges we have.

So - I'm happy to pay the taxes I computed.  That doesn't stop me from working to find every way to minimize the taxes I pay - just that for what I pay, I'm thankful it is not any higher :)

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