Sunday, October 23, 2011

Discussion Closed

"Discussion Closed"  (Horse #8) came in 4th place by a neck in the 5th race at Keeneland on Saturday.  My ticket didn't cash.

It had been over 10 years since taking a day trip to Keenland and many memories of the visits came flooding back in - the sunburn of the 70's; the roadtrip with the guys in the 80's; and the Accenture all Ohio planning session of the 90's.

It was a wonderful sunny and crisp day in the beautiful countryside of Kentucky. It was punctuated that night with Country Ham with Red Eye Gravy at the Pleasant Hill location of Shaker Village.  The New England foliage may be heralded as the best fall visual but seeing the immaculate horse farms as we drove through Kentucky you couldn't ask for a better " Place or Show" (to use a horse racing term). 

Actually, I can't think of a more beautiful state at this time of year - Discussion Closed!

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