Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Project Happiness

"Prod any happy person and you will find a project" Richard Layard says in in book "Happiness - Lessons from a New Science".  How we frame our mind has a profound effect on our happiness and setting goals and expectations are the starting point.  If our goals are too low - we are bored; and if too high we get frustrated.  It is the "Golden Median of Goals" (GMG) that is the happiness sweet spot.

In Kent Keith;s book "Jesus Did it Anyway - The Paradoxical Commandments for Christians" the eighth commandment is - What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight - BUILD ANYWAY.  Building is a code word for projects/goals.  Keith makes the point that even as you are achieving your goals they can be dismantled in an instant.  But that should not decrease your happiness.  Why?
Because the happiness and joy comes in the building - not the resulting goal or completion.

Susan has found this secret.  She always has projects that she is working on - personal, home, family, community etc.  She is never without a project backlog list  - which spills over into my to do's :)

So make sure your "to do" list is not too long and not too short - but just right.  And if you need more - just call Susan :)

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