Sunday, October 30, 2011

Greed Antidote

Rev. Stover had a great sermon today about giving and I stayed awake the entire time :)   I really perked up when he said, "Generosity is the antidote for Greed". 

Greed is considered one the seven deadly sins (for those who want to see their batting average they are:Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony).  They are not ranked (as a Statistician would do) but one of the seven deadly sins is considered the most serious - and you'll have to look it up to find out.

Each deadly sin has it's opposite virtue (or as Rev. Stover said - An Antidote). Wrath - Patience; Greed - Charity; Sloth -Diligence; Pride - Humility; Lust - Chastity; Envy - Kindness; Gluttony - Temperance.

"Greed is Good" said Gordon Gekko in the  1987 movie Wall Street.  He was the guy we loved to hate.  The persona of Gordon Gekko, Hedge Fund Managers, and Fat Cat Bankers is what the Occupy Wall Street protestors are using as the foundation of their outcry in our cities right now. 

Many believe the famous Philanthropists were just evil capitalists (monopolists) who used the antidote of charity to "buy their souls" into Heaven.  So in that case was Greed turned into Good?

Measuring greed is judgmental.  It is as hard as answering the question -"How much is enough".  The answer depends on the individual and in our society the individual has the freedom to choose how much is enough. 

So find your personal level of antidote.  Change your Greed into someone elses Need.

PS:  Antidote - from the Greek word Antididonia meaning "given against" -  Hmmmmmm

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