Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Appliance Warranty

Susan asked me if we had the spare parts information for the kitchen faucet.  Ugh!  Where do we put all that stuff.  Normally a good filing cabinet would have all that literature - user manuals, spare parts ordering forms, warranty cards, sales receipts etc.  Indeed, I do have that file (although it's just a big plastic portable container).

But it takes looking through all the material to find the single document.  To  give an example of how old the literature I have (as a confirmed pack rat) - I stumbled across the Radio Shack Stereo and Speakers I purchased ($422) in 1973 (and which I still have).  Also the first "car phone" (they were called that before cell phone) I purchased for $950 in 1986 with the agreement that minutes cost $0.35 per minute. 

How many of us really diligently fill out that warranty card?  Not me - I must have found 50 or more post cards not sent in.  It is so rare to get any benefit out of a warranty.  Just like the Insinkerator  Instant Hot Water dispensor that went out on us - I found the user manual;  I know it was installed within the warranty - but the manufacturer needed the sales receipt since the serial number indicated it was out of warranty.  UGH!

Technology and the internet have helped since most user manuals are available for downloading.  But that doesn't help for the sales receipt and warranty claim.  And what benefit is my file of all this stuff?  Just a walk down memory lane and the graveyard of my appliances.

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