Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rainbow of Cards

The other day I received my Gold Starbucks Card - boy do I feel important.  Like American Express it has the member date (mine - since 2007).  I guess the color of cards used to have great importance.  Susan once told me she rang up someone with one of those prestigious BLACK American Express Cards.  So I decided to do an inventory of my own colors:

(1) American Express - Gold
(2) Fidelity American Express - Light Green
(3) Chase Freedom - Blue/Turquoise
(4) PNC Bank - Bright Orange
(5) Paypal MasterCards - Silver
(6) Cincinnati Public Library - Right Red
(7) Discover - Silver
(8) Sams Club - Blue and White
( 9) Kroger - Red, White and Blue
(10) Delta Silver Medallion - White

 If you buy enough or pay enough fees you get the good colors.  I guess my wallet is just a Heinz 57 variety.  One thing is for sure - I have too many cards in my wallet.

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