Thursday, May 19, 2011

Laugh until it Hurts

Originally Posted (and lost due to Blogger Technical Difficulties) - May 12, 2011

T.A.,  at Vistage today, said he saw Jay Leno in his seminar while in Vegas.  It reminded me of the first time Susan and I travelled to Vegas.  We saw Jay Leno (this was prior to his Tonight Show gig) for over 2 hours of stand up comedy.  We both laughed so hard that we were begging him to stop - that side piercing hurt as you laugh more and more.  And Jay Leno is one of those great comics that don't need off color jokes to get people to laugh - no curse words, no sexual innuendos, fart jokes, racial slurs etc.  Jay is one of my top 5 comedians including Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, and Jerry Seinfeld.  I've only seen two in concert - Jay and Jerry.  The Riverbend concert with Newhart was unfortunately cancelled the year I had tickets.

And what a coincidence that Jenna mentioned that Jerry Seinfeld is coming again to Cincinnati in July.  You can bet we are going.

In the original draft of the SVP Cincinnati Business Plan one of the core principles I wrote about was Having Fun -  "Laughter is the lubricity of life".  My fellow partner reviewing the document laughed and thought the word lubricity was awkward.  So it was changed - "Laughter is the lubricant of life".  Either word works for me - when laughter occurs, life seems much more enjoyable, and people seem to be more amenable.

I believe the science of laughter has to do with generating certain chemicals in the brain or body.  So it's like a drug.  And with Leno that day in Vegas - Susan and I were overdosed.

Technical Postscript -  Blogger was able to recover afterall - a technical achievement.  They recovered the 5/12/11 post and placed it in a draft folder 5/17/11.  I 'm impressed.  Also in comparing that draft recovered to the entry  above I  posted  from my memory -I'm also impressed with my memory backup.

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