Monday, July 4, 2011

250 Years

On July 4th 2026 I will be in my 70's and celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of our nation.  Only half the time of  the Roman Empire (27BC to 476AD) but arguably longer than the first  British Empire (1583 to 1783) it will be one of the longer running systems in history.  In Wisner history this will be only five or six generations. 

As live spans increase, 250 years may span just two generations in the future.  So what will things look like in 2026 (15 years from now) on this day?  The Indian Hill Fourth of July Parade will still be scheduled at 10:15 am with fireworks at dusk.  There will be plenty of candy, fun and community hellos.  The great recession will be just a memory and we will still be in the land of the plentiful. 

A new generation (our kids) will be our leaders and face the new challenges of the day.  The spirit of freedom will continue to rise and fall ourside our shores and we will continue to be the beacon of hope for others who yearn for freedom.

Happy Birthday America - may you age with Grace.

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