Friday, July 8, 2011

Telephony Thanks

J.Y. of the Freestore Foodbank called me yesterday to thank me for the generous donation to the organization.  I began to think of all the organizations that have extended a simple thank you for my gift of money or talent.  Some do it with a letter/handwritten note, or small token of appreciation (book or award), at a meeting, but rarely have I received a phone call from the Executive Director. 

I think each non-profit should split up their donor list among Board members and one of the tasks of the Board is to call each and every donor to thank them for their gift (regardless of amount).  How refreshing to get a call - not asking for money, but instead thanking you for the gift and stating how the organization will use that gift. 

G.B. has done this each year as Chairman of SVP Cincinnati.  So this tradition is embedded in our own non-profit culture.  We also acknowledge our Partners each year in our annual meeting with a humorous presentation of the "Wizzy Award". 

Next time you are on the telephone with someone - a customer, supplier, friend, or family member why not tell them why you appreciate them. 

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