Sunday, July 10, 2011


"It's a Dream, It's only a Dream ... and it's fading now, fading away.
It's only a Dream. Just a memory without anywhere .. to stay" Neil Young

The two best concert DVD's (both produced in 2005) have got to be The Eagles: Farewell Tour I; and Neil Young's "Heart of Gold".  I listened again to Heart of Gold on Saturday and marveled at the number of great songs he performed at the Ryman in Nashville Tenn.  The most touching moment is when Neil Young talked about his Dad (to whom the concert DVD is dedicated to at the ending credits) and his memory.

Bad Dreams or Good Dreams - both fade almost immediately upon awaking from sleep.  I presume they are composed from the memories and connections to the present.  As a child the bad dreams are scary and we need assurance thye are just "Only a Dream".  In fact, I think the Bad Dreams can be programmed to disappear -  with positive thinking and techniques in Neil Young's poetry:

"In the morning when I wake up and listen to the sound
Of the birds outside on the roof
I try to ignore what the paper says
And I try not to read all the news
And I'll hold you if you had a bad dream
And I hope it never comes true
'Cause you and I been through so many things together
And the sun starts climbing the roof"

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