Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Splitting Heirs

Today I was reminded of the book I read back in 2004 titled "Splitting Heirs: Giving Money and Things to your Children without ruining their lives" by Ron Blue.  It was one of the first books on that I took the time to write a review.  The book had a big impact on my thinking about material wealth and stewardship.  It also reminded me of how my own parents were extremely thoughtful and set the example of many of the traditions I continue today with my own kids (e.g. savings match;  letting them spend the money first - then help etc.). 

The subject came up when B.W. asked the question in our Breakfast Men's Spiritual Group - If you had only 30 days to live who would you give away the money to?  Having read this book - I was prepared with my answer -  "It's all God's anyway - so your only choice is picking the correct "stewards" to carry on your good work".  The best result is to have the plan already in place and communicated to those stewards ahead of time so they are not surprised.  This is where we all fall down - lack of planning and lack of communication.

It's too easy to put it off - assume you will get around to it; or think you have plenty of lead time to do this (even if it is only 30 days).  Wrong!.

And doing nothing is not being a good steward - yourself.  After all God's first question at the pearly gate might be - "Who are Stewards you have picked for the gifts I entrusted to you?"

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