Monday, July 18, 2011

Screen Savers and Themes

What is on the screen of your computer when you are not busy in a window blogging?  What theme? and during the pause in "computering" (that's my new word) what screen saver appears?  There are pictures all around us - in fact we put them there.  Framed shots of love ones on the desk; pretty scenes or artwork we enjoy on the walls; and the selected theme/screen saver picture on our computer.

The new Microsoft search engine - Bing always has very intriguing high definition/high quality pictures on it's search screen - versus Google's white space and search bar.  But even with the beauty of the picture, it is not the home page for my Explorer startup. 

And how often do you change your theme and/or screen saver?   Ellen is notorious for placing new scenes and pictures on Susan or my computers when unattended.  It is always a treat to be surprised with a new picture.  In fact, I think a killer app would be an automatic changing of themes and screen savers weekly based on "best guess" software and recent browsing history.  Like the stealth way cookies in your computer tell web sites what advertising you should be looking at (that should be a project I research someday).

Jenna showed me her Mac screen that fills with virtual water and on movement of the computer the water jostles back and forth.  There is always someone inventing a new innovative desktop. 

Interesting ways to keep our computer always on --- awaitng our activity.

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