Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eight to Five

Jenna had her first day of work yesterday - and I mean a full day 8am - 5pm at University Hospital.  While it is a summer job, her first two weeks consist of the employee orientation.  Jenna asked, what could take two weeks before I even get assigned to a floor?  I tried to explain the value of a company properly training it's new employees in it's mission, vision, values and culture. 

Starting at the bottom of the corporate rung is still crystal clear in my memory.  I remember my summer job in the factory of Antenna Specialists drilling aluminum tubes for the base stations of Citizens Band Radios (CBs).  The factory was in Euclid, Cleveland which meant getting up at 6am to get to work on time.  The boring work of continuous drilling was a welcome relief from the pressure of college finals, but within one week that tedious routine reminded me of why a college education was important.  However that factory experience was invaluable in my consulting career when I planned and installed MRP (Material Requirement Planning) systems for manufacturing companies. 

It was a shock to Jenna entering the "real world" of business.  An experience she will remember for the rest of her life.  Her summer job will be invaluable to her as she navigates her own career in the Health Care Industry.  It is also the start of her journey to determine whether she will enter the "rat race" or a purposeful career.  

Eight to Five - or fulfillment to eighty five.

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