Sunday, June 3, 2012

Garden Advice

Last night was the SVP Cincinnati "Garden Party" at T.A.'s immaculate home and perfect Feng Shui garden atmosphere.  With perfect weather and wonderful company it was partially a celebration of 5 years of "return on life".  Forty or so like minded (or like "hearted") individuals who collectively want to give back to our community.

As I re-introduced Susan to W.C. (a fellow SVP Partner), she immediately reminded him that they had previously met and both knew J.P.   Somehow the conversation drifted to how deeply we knew J.P. and his wife D.P. and somehow out of my mouth blurted:

"Here's my advice to you (W.C.) when the end is near.  Use your connection to J.P. to have D.P. at your bedside."  Susan added - "That's for sure ...... at that time you want D.P. on your team!"

How quickly our spirituality evolves at the end of our journey.  Preparing a spiritual foundation for readiness is something that sometimes gets put on the back burner.  Even though we all know that time will inevitably come.  So it's appropriate, that when the time comes, you would want a good spiritual coach "on your team". 

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