Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Three Apples and a Prune

I have become a distinct minority in my family.  In addition to being the only guy among three girls, now I am the only Microsoft loyal user among three apples.  Susan is the proud owner of a Mac desktop as of today.  This effectively eliminates my technical support position since I have no skills in the Apple Os operating system.  In fact, I can't even navigate with the touch pad.

Jenna now can realize the challenge of being technical support for the family.  It is a thankless job.  "The internet is down"; "I'm having trouble printing"; "My computer is acting glitchy";  "How do you burn this to a CD"; and the list goes on and on.

Actually it is a good thing, since Jenna and Ellen have relied too much on my skills in their own computer education.  Being able to trouble shoot "level two" difficulties is an important skill to have.  Even understanding network skills at a rudimentary level can very important.

Apple continues to wear methodically away at Microsoft's market share.  There is a big infrastructure hurdle of Corporate America that still must be scaled -  but clearly the consumer is voting with their dollars.

I guess I'll be the last Microsoft Man Standing.

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