Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lyrics and Painting

At meet the teacher night, Ellen's English teacher mentioned the books they would be reading which included John Steinbeck's - "The Pearl".  I had not remembered reading that book in my middle school days, so off to the library I went to borrow the book.

As it set next to my chair, both Jenna and Ellen commented on the book.  "Why Dad, are you reading The Pearl?"  Of course when I asked Susan if she had read it she replied "I've read all of Steinbeck's books - multiple times".  A short read, it captures attention immediately - like a mystery flipping each page for clues of how will it end.  Throughout the book are "pearls of wisdom". :)

What struck me about "The Pearl" was the lack of dialogue and Steinbeck's painting with words. 

I've divided music listeners into two types - melody and lyrics and now I think book readers either enjoy the painting or the dialogue.  No I'm not an English major with detail knowledge of writing styles - expository, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive.  I'm just a simple consumer of music and books.

I fall into the camp of melody for music, and dialogue for books (fiction that is).  Hidden in my subconscious mind are the lyrics and paintings.

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