Sunday, November 18, 2012


My profile describes a concept I read in Michael LeBoeufs book "The Millionaire in You" that we all spend our time in four basic buckets - Learning, Earning, Living and Giving.  LeBoeuf's Law is "Invest your time actively and your money passively." We should manage this time like a portfolio of investments.   This "time allocation" caused me to create a picture of where I have spent time over my 50+ years.

I presented this in a powerpoint presentation to my Vistage group.  I have created a specific Powerpoint Audio Visual slide show titled - Learning Earning Living and Giving:

   Here is a view of how my time was allocated in the first  five decades.  The quadrants are:   Learning Top Left        Earning Top Right; Living Bottom Left; Giving  Bottom Right.                                                                                
Activities are placed in the primary quadrant of purpose.

The size of the circle indicates the amount of time spent on the activity.

Maybe this will be what my 60's look like :)

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