Saturday, November 17, 2012

Smarter Alec

Thursday my LG EnvyVX990 (Jenna's hand me down phone) died.  The final twist of the wire would not get the phone to recharge.  I should have been doing my analysis/paralysis when the trouble first appeared about a year ago.  Instead, I assumed my careful jiggling of the wire could continue indefinitely to charge the declining Lithium  Ion battery. 

My time had run out.  So I just went to the Verizon store and without a great deal of thought purchased the HTC 6990LVW Windows 8 4G phone.  Today was spent "moving" into the phone - contacts, calendar, apps, etc. 

Now I can be like everyone else - staring continuously at my phone.  Or as the CNBC Anchor Bernard Lo (who apparently doesn't own a smart phone) said - "Oh all those iphone smart phone users who at lunch are constantly looking up the answer to a disputed question to be smart -  I don't call them smart - I call them Smart Alec's."

And why did I pick a Windows phone - the lowest market share phone device? 

To be a Smarter Alec :)

PS.  Yes Ellen - your Dad no longer has a "loser phone".

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