Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election Non Event

After a complete day at the polls (handing our Republican suggested ballots) and anxiously watching on TV, the verdict was in at 11pm - with the results from Ohio - President Obama would be returning for four more years, the Senate majority would remain with the Democrats and the House of Representatives with the Republicans.  Affirming again that the American majority wants a split government that will require compromise.

The stock market voted today by dropping 2.4% in an attempt to warn both parties that they had better "kiss and make up"  ---  or else! 

So with all the hype, negativism, fear, uncertainty and doubt raise during the last 18 months, today is just about the same as any other day (other than the slight drama in the stock market).  I got up, went to the office, had lunch with an SVP Cincinnati Bud (D.W.), skyped with my parents, had dinner and will do the normal evening routine   -  a typical Wednesday.

The talk radio, lunch conversation and general "post game" analysis talked about the same speculation of the future that has been discussed for 18 months.  The end result of over $2 Billion dollars of campaigning and countless hours of energy is really a non-event - "the status quo".

If we had only known back then, the result we know now we could have avoided a great deal of effort, angst and wasted money.

PS - Immediately after this post I ran upon this article   "Prescription: A Healthy Dose of No News for Election Blues".
“People need to be more accepting and less emotional about the results and realize that, in the short-term the election will not affect them,” Shah, chief of Psychiatry at Harris Health Ben Taub Hospital. “If you wake up and go to work or take your child to school the next day, you will still need to do those things as part of your life after the election.”

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