Friday, November 2, 2012

Wear Out or Weary

Last night (about midnight), I called DirecTV about a billing error. After several menus of voice automation choices, I finally announced "Representative" to be connected to a real person.  First level support was a 15 minute process and second level was an additional 15 minutes with no final resolution.  They committed to a resolution within 72 hours - don't hold your breath.

Companies count on the fact that we have limited time and energy to pursue resolution (especially small dollar transactions).  The entire customer service process helps to re-inforce this fact with hold times, voice response suggestions, redirect to the internet, etc.   Now it is a common procedure for me to write down the start time, individual talked to and phone number in case of disconnect.

A few of us are relentless - unwilling to let the cost/benefit of time/economics to wear us out. 

Weary yes - Wear out no!

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