Friday, January 18, 2013

Apple Slider

Susan's iphone arrived a couple of days ago.  This tells me that the Apple market share is saturated and is an early indicator that Apple's shine is over. You might want to consider selling the stock.

I am the last holdout and hope for Microsoft in the family. The cool factor of my Window's phone has worn off and I've still not installed Windows 8 on my laptop.  And the hype over the Surface has died down and economic reality sets in - do I really need a tablet/new laptop to replace what I have?

There is just no real technology gadget (or software app) on the horizon that is exciting the marketplace. 

It's hard to pick a side - when both are sliding.

Postscript - AAPL - $500 on 1/18/2013    and   $456.83 on 1/30/2013  -  that's a slide!

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