Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pretty Poor Predictions

The results of the Telecombil/Wisner annual prediction lunch are tabulated- and I was re soundly defeated - 8 to 1 (with one category we will rollover to 2013).

Here were my pretty poor 2012 predictions: 

S&P 500  1157   (actual 1370.92 - lost to 1300)
SVP Partners  20  (actual partner units 24 - lost to 22)
Asset under Management for B.S.  $16M (actual $17M - lost to $17M)
Xtown Shootout - Bearcats (60-45 Bearcats win)
Bengals -  9-7 (actual 10-6 ---  B.S. picked this exactly)
Long Stock Pick GLD (lost to LNG)
Short Stock Pick CRM (lost to DTUL)
Unemployment 7% (lost to 7.5%)
Election  Romney (Obama won)
Superbowl XLVII #47 (NFC -  we rolled this over to 2013)

B.S. has appeased me in playing the predictions game each year since 2000 (for 2011 see 12/23/10 and 2/20/12 for results).  While most years have been close (and required a tie breaker), B.S. has trounced me in 2003 and 2012. 

Next years picks vs B.S. (dare I do this again?):

S&P High  1512 vs 1650
S&P Low   1157 vs 1250
Long Stock Pick  NOK vs QIHU
Short Stock Pick AAPL vs DTUL
Xtown Shootout 2013/2014 Season - Bearcats
Bengals   8-8  vs 9-7
Superbowl XLVII #47 NFC  (Kept the 2012 prediction)
Asset under Mgt  $17.25M vs $18.25
SVP Partners 26 vs 28
Unemployment 6.3% vs 7.5%
Senate Confirms Hagel  Yes
BS moves office out of home  No

Here's hoping for 2013 Fabulous Firstplace Forecasts

Postlog -  Just discovered Real Money Doug Kass Predictions for 2013.  It make my contest look like a kindergarden attempt at predicting.

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