Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Perfect Moments

Can you describe your "Perfect Moments"?   Immediately spouses will say their wedding day, or birth of a child or the obvious acceptable public affirmation and expected responses.  But ignore the expected, or  the most common - and think of the unexpected - the surprise moment.

Listening the the book "Chasing Daylight" by Eugene O'Kelly, he talks about his impending death and quest to remember his perfect moments with the objective of creating more of those at the end. In a previous chapter he discovered that "the present" (and living in it) was not automatically the prescription for a perfect moment.

So I began to wonder about perfect moments - maybe when you are "in the flow".  Can you create the moments (or create the environment that might spawn one) as O'Kelly postulates, or do they arrive randomly? 

The first challenge is describing exactly what a perfect moment is --  for you (and ignore the paradox that if a moment is perfect - there can be no other moment more perfect - hence only one perfect moment).  You can look back (although our memory half life is fuzzy and inaccurate) and inventory all the favorable moments - from good, better, best and moving toward perfect.  Are you tired yet?

And each future moment is a candidate for a perfect one. The paradox continues since we won't know the extent of our perfect moments until the very end.  Is chasing perfect moments futile?

Maybe that is the wisdom of growing older - each new moment is closer to the perfect one.

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