Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Morning

I slept through this new year - an exception since the Murray family was available to be up with Ellen.  Instead, I went to bed about 30 minutes after Jenna's 10:45pm curfew (who needed to get up this morning at 6am to get to work).  I was up with Jenna to fix some breakfast, take her to work, and then relax in a quiet household to await the first sunrise of 2013.

It could be a good sign that the first business of the year (2:07am) was a compromise by the Senate on taxes - awaiting the House's reaction later this morning.  Maybe they can cool down and relax with the rising of the 2013 sun also and find a way to accept the compromise.

Last night, at dinner, I asked each of the girls what their single goal for 2013 would be.  Not a New Years resolution - just a simple hope for the year. 

Jenna - To graduate with a 3.5 or better.
Ellen - To study harder

Having goals is a critical part of happiness.  Having a new year (a new morning) is a welcome demarcation of a "fresh slate" to improve on those goals.   Maybe our politicians are thinking this also.

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