Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blogging about Blogging

My first blog entry was August 27, 2009 (almost 4 years ago).  Now with 785 posts the lethargy begins to set in.  With only 47 entries so far this year (of an available 106 days), my batting average is .443 - not bad for baseball, but horrible for blogging frequency. 

I will occasionally pop upon a "stranded" blog when searching the Internet for information.  It's amazing how many people start blogs only to slow the entries to a stop after the novelty wears off.  My lethargy is a different condition - trying not to repeat stories or my pet peeves and finding that other bloggers have thought of, researched and posted even better observations about stuff long before me.

I can see how the term "writers block" occurs.  However a side benefit of blogging is that it has intensified my interest in details, in etymology, idioms, funny sayings, quotes, precision of words, trivia, philosophy, memories and other peoples stories.  

Yet there are days when seemingly nothing in my blogging interest appears (like today's entry).  But an email from T.F. (alias - Bloody Lamb) kindled the introspection of the world of bloggers  (I'm just one of 156 million as of 2/2011).  Corporate blogging is declining and being replaced by other social media avenues.  Just read this blogger's view on "Is Blogging on Decline in 2013?".  

Well - you know it's bloggers block when all you write about is blogging :)

PS.  Search on the word "blog" (within this blog)  -  32 results
PPS.  Technically I'm not blogging - I'm journaling   see 1/27/2011  Sounds like Blogging

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