Thursday, April 18, 2013

Branches of Gratitude

After a half day of Vistage, I always get energized by 10 other accomplished business leaders, each discussing the economy, our individual businesses, interpersonal activities, and our lives.  Seven of us have been with the group since August 2004 and you get to know each other very well over that period of time. 

Today, G.B. provided a heartfelt thank you to many in the group for various help over the years.  I'm sure each of us would echo our own story of thanks to any and all of the members also.  It shows the power of relationships and trust built over time.

This "thank you" caused me to think of the branches of gratitude that are deserved for the people who have impacted our lives.  To often we neglect to thank the people who have contributed to our successes in life and sometimes can selfishly think we have earned it ourselves.  Yet there are "branches of credit" in our "tree of our life".

Use any accomplishment in your life as an example.  Trace the outcome back with people who influenced or contributed to that outcome. That "branch" will even trace to a "root" or "roots" that deserve your gratitude - maybe even credit for the outcome.  In that sense - your success becomes intertwined with the "branches" of others.

A forest of gratitude.  :)

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