Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kilroy Was Here

Just returned from the practice round of the Masters ---   Golf that is (see Blog Nov. 13, 2009).  An immaculate golf course, with a Walt Disney customer service experience, the Augusta country club experience was worth the investment in time and money.  S.Z. (my SVP Cincinnati Partner and a scratch golfer) was my lucky way of having the opportunity to have this experience and now memory.  It was a pleasure to be with him and B.M. his golfing buddy who had previously experienced this in 2009 (great to have guides).  B.H. (another SVP Cincinnati Partner) drove and was my "roommate" in the Columbia hotel that we booked well in advance.

I had some advice from others on "things to do" - have a traditional pimento cheese sandwich, buy a Masters flag, where to sit, etc.  Even re-reading Feinstein's book "The Majors" and reviewing Wikopedia added to the enjoyment of discussing Master's trivia and tradition on the way up and back. 

I was amazed at the Golf shop frenzy.  Luckily I purchased my hat, ball cap, and Master's flag at one of the kiosks on the course (great suggestion by the veteran B.M.), because when I entered the crowded golf shop it was the "Paradox of Choice" and I finally left the shop purchasing nothing more.

After all - just how much did I want to spend to buy the merchandise that would announce to anyone that "I was there".

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