Monday, April 22, 2013

The Fine Print of Life

I'm mid-way through reading Ken Druck's book "The Real Rules of Life".  Rarely do I like reading introductions, but this one hit home when the bold caption on page 'xv' said "Losing Jenna".  In 1996 Druck lost his 21 year old daughter in a tragic bus accident in India.  So a great deal of the book reflects his own experience with "dealing with the consequences of the devastating loss of a child.

I liked his point about "The Fine Print of Life".  "I struck a deal with life. And life, being essentially fair, would honor the deal.  But life isn't fair. It's never been fair, and it will never be.  Life will have it's say."  Before you conclude that Druck is a pessimist he points out: "In our moments of greatest loss, we are in a position to feel a GREATER sense of hope, faith and wholeness."  Hence he titles his first Rule of Life:  "Life is not fair: It's more than fair".

My philosophy is essentially the same however I prefer to say that life is fair and only time, and the mystery of eternity will reveal it's fairness (hence life is never fair at the moment).  I believe the ups and downs will equal out - the Golden Mean.

The problem with a life contract is the fine print - the stuff that is overlooked and surprise us as we hurry to live life out.  Life is a fair contract but fair means good with the bad (yin with the yang).

Expect some fine print surprises in life.  It's how we deal with the fine print that "turns us into invaluable resources for other people, because we become safe, wise, and judgment free - clear and unbiased witnesses to stand beside others"  helping them understand their fine print of life.

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