Saturday, July 19, 2014


"Coincidence is God's way of winking at you"  Frank Gaad (From the TV Series The Americans)

That feeling of uncanny connection, or deja vu, or even just heightened intellectual awareness comes upon us more often than would seem possible statistically.  Yet as a statistician, the mathematics of many examples of coincidence can be explained logically.  Take the small world example - you happen upon someone you know while traveling in Europe.  Well - it just so happens a large percentage of your socio demographic network does similar things at similar times in the calendar.  The probabilities are high that there might be a chance meeting during one or more of these trips overseas. 

It is human nature to connect events - to associate cause and effect.  We want to place logical meaning to people, events, and things and connect them to our purpose in life. 

So when we do make a connection - maybe God does smile and wink thinking "Their understanding it afterall".

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