Friday, July 25, 2014

Mutt or Mutation

Whenever I was asked about my heritage, I would respond - "I am a mutt" (since our ancestors go back seven generations to the American Revolution).  However my recent project in documenting the family tree and taking the audio Genetics course caused me to submit the DNA tests for myself, Dad and Mom.

Mom and Dad's "spit test" results from DNA just arrived.  So I decided to see how the genealogy ethnicity test correlated. See below:  DNA Ethnicity

The context of the word mutation is usually considered negative in our vocabulary.  However in Genetics mutation is beautiful and necessary for survival.  Clearly from the estimate of

(60% Britain; 11% Ireland; 9% Finland/Northwest Russia; 8% Iberain Peninsula; 5% West Europe)

(59% Europe West; 19% Great Britain; 9% Ireland)

(44% Great Britain; 17% Ireland; 13% Europe West; 11% Italy/Greece; 8% Finland/Northwest Russia

Hmmmmm...   where did that Italian/Greek streak come from?

Maybe I'm not a Mutt ......   I'm a mutation   :)

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