Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Good Enough

At a SVP Cincinnati (Social Venture Partner) meeting with our Investee FNC (Family Nurturing Center), I misquoted an expression by saying that "Perfect is the enemy of Good Enough".  It was my way of saying it was time for action - taking the risk of doing something and making a mistake would get us closer (and quicker) to our objective than more planning and preparation.

Actually the quote was: "Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien"  Voltaire  - translated:  The Best is the Enemy of Good.

This came up last night in my discussion with Jenna about some of her life decisions - career, home, and financial management.  We all struggle with what consequences a decision today will make in our lives in the future (see blog entry 2/24/11 Alternate Paths). 

Yet, not making a decision today is by default choosing a path.  As a partner at Accenture once advised me - What further information do you further need to make the decision now?  Instead of spinning in scenarios, work on obtaining that information. 

No decision you make will ever be perfect (there is no such thing in this world as perfect).  So all you are trying to achieve is "Good Enough".

Think about it .....   Is where you are - today -   in your life ......  Good Enough?

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