Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life Marches On

In my latest interest in Ancestry.com and tracking the roots of my ancestors, I happened upon an interesting feature of the site - maps of birth locations.

Here is just the U.S. map of seven generations of the 122 ancestors I have attached to my family tree. 

Many of the exact locations are not precise enough to identify the city (e.g. State or County only), but the migration from Orange County New York to the west in Oklahoma and Kansas is evident. 

It would be fascinating to visualize the movement by generation (probably a future enhancement to the software) from birth to death.  What it shows is how much mobility occurs as time marches on.  In biblical times there was also significant movement (i.e. famine, slavery, refuge, etc.). 

What it proves? - Life marches on.  The human explorer.  The young and the restless.

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