Friday, October 17, 2014

Heaven Board - Entry #8

J.V. walked into Friday Morning Bible Study and tilted the chair next to me against the table - as one would do to save the seat location.  It was Bob Edwards normal spot to sit and one I was privileged to be near for the ten plus years I have been attending. 

Today his seat is near God in heaven.  Yesterday a tragic accident occurred when Bob was hit outside of his car on I71 by a cement truck traveling southbound  (why .... we may never know). 

My memories of Bob are many -  his gift to Ellen 10 years ago -- a glow in the dark Rubber Duck;  his interest and support of SVP Cincinnati; his idea that got me interested in researching my Grandfather's cattle brand;  our joint interest in talking about WWII history........... and many more.

Bob Edwards was a witness of what philanthropy and Christian discipleship is all about.  His passion with the Freestore Foodbank and his fund raising effectiveness in bringing the Rubber Duck Regatta to Cincinnati will be how many will remember Bob.  My memories will be as a mentor and person with the gift of exhortation to other philanthropists -  and his example of how to be an "engaged philanthropist".

I will miss you Bob - but your spirit lives on.

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