Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rust Sounds Good!

"Back in the late 70's Neil Young sang a song about the emerging punk ethic ...  and the pivotal line in that song is 'It's better to burn out, than it is to rust".  Now I'm not sure that even Neil himself subscribed to that sentiment, but I don't see rust as a bad thing.  I have an old 1962 John Deere tractor that is covered with rust but it runs like a top.... you know, the inner workings are just fine. 

To me that rust symbolizes all the miles driven and all the good work done and all the experiences gained.  From where I sit rust looks pretty good."        Don Henley "The History of the Eagles"

Just finished watching this 2012 Documentary now available on Netflix.  Worth every bit of the three hour investment.  The quote spoken by Don Henley at the end summed it all up -  40 years of rust still sounds pretty good.

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