Sunday, October 19, 2014

Seasonal signs

Fall is waning and winter attempts its entrance.  No frost this morning but the crisp chill has found it's way into the house.  The smell of chili cooking on the stove and the faint beeping of the home made bread maker are the true signs of season change. 

Saturday's chore was the visual indicator with piles of leaves dotting the yard and outdoor furniture snuggly stored away.  Winter clothes have penetrated the closet and Ellen's plea of a chilly house resulted in the flip of the thermostats to "heat".  My response - "Wear a sweater".

Even the fireplace magically turned itself on - a learning experience for all since the remote had been set mysteriously to automatic (the family room had dipped below 69 degrees). 

I personally enjoy each seasonal transition and the signs - both natural and man made.

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