Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sure 'n Sure

Insurance is a great concept -pooling risk.  However, I have grown up with an intense dislike for insurance.  In every facet of its use it is too complicated, and rarely has it benefited me.  In fact the very concept of it benefiting me means that someone else paid for the services I have received.

Today I spent the day dealing with health insurance.  First, I started the appeal process as a result of Aetna's denial for Mom's skilled rehabilitation physical therapy. Then it was an evening of reviewing the 2015 Medicare & You guide and the Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan for Mom and Dad.  Then Jenna and I sat down to review her annual enrollment for health care and benefits for her job at Christ Hospital.

I just don't like the concept that health insurance plans incent - "How can you get more services and not pay out of your pocket".  Trying to make it a game of planning your healthcare each year so that you pay the least into the system and get the most out of the system.  You win ..  someone else loses.

Even after you come to equilibrium on what insurance level to pick, you discover when you need it - it's not there. Take the example of Mom in a Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Facility.  Within a week, the facility and Aetna were denying claims (even when Medicare states you can receive up to 100 days of therapy).  Mom was not performing to "standard" (whatever that means).

This story is long and complicated and has reconfirmed my dislike of insurance - and particularly health insurance.

You can be SURE that your condition will not be inSUREd.

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