Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back again

I'm back to the blog -  and my back is the excuse.  Monday I came down with back problems and this may be a trend (Xmas of 2012 was a problem with trying to lift 55 gallon drums).  The culprit this year was moving furniture looking for lost keys.  Three days of pain, pain pills, and exercises (compliments of instructions from Susan and A.M. - the back ache experts).

31 million  Americans experience lower back pain at any given time from the ACA website ( a $50 billion dollar industry).  80% of the population will complain about back problems as sometime in their life.  If my memory is correct, I have been "down in the back" at least 8 times since my 40's.

So this is the kind of market size guys on Shark Tank would salivate about.  The trouble is there is no magic solution.  Age, diet (including being overweight), posture. bed, exercise. lifting, sitting, and even shoes are key variables in determining the amount of back problems you will experience (even smoking is an issue).  Someone once told me keeping a wallet in your back pocket will also contribute to back problems.

So what should a 30 year old do?  Back away from turning 40.

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