Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Scoring Confusion

A discussion last night with S.S. revealed that the new Congress (starting with the House) is already making waves in the detail fine print of the revised rules.  The one that caught my attention is fiscal legislation will now use "dynamic scoring" (vs static) when scoring legislation.  

The major impact of changing rules (like scoring or accounting line items) is the misunderstood comparison of today's score with prior history scores (hence the word dynamic).  Measuring change becomes a moving target.  In the finance an accounting world, restating the past data for proper comparative purposes helps to "train" the uniformed rule audience about the change.

I'm not arguing for or against dynamic vs static scoring (this will be a fun project for a statistician like me to research).  However, I can be confident that changing the rules will create an infinite set of arguments for an against the new analysis ....  and confusion for all (especially the non-informed masses).

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