Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stairway to Heaven

Today, at the Vistage check-in,  Al. S. asked us to be creative and choose any number to quantify our overall score for our personal and professional lives (vs our normal rating system from 0 - 10). 

On the flip chart Al inked what I thought was the infinity symbol (a flattened horizontal 8) for his number.  I quipped -  "It must be Al thinking about Heaven".  For me pondering infinity is like thinking about Heaven.

No - it wasn't infinity - it was his two dimensional picture of the Mobius Band.   I was embarrassed, as a Math major, to be unaware of the Mobius properties and equation (although Geometry was never my love in Math).  Al educated us about the unique properties of this band traveling the inside brings you to the outside without crossing an edge.  Wow - there are some deep philosophical things to relate to this point. 

Initially I thought maybe this was a great way to depict infinity in 3D - see the following pictures:

But - I'm not sure it works.  Needs further study ( a good 2015 project).

These looping visuals  put me in mind of M.C. Escher's artwork of the continuous stairway.

1953 Relativity

What about a Stairway to Heaven :)

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